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What is a prime date?

A date is a prime date, if its digit representation, consisting of year, month and is a prime number and therefore it is only dividable by itself and by one. So it is a unique date and if you start new things, you should select a prime date. For example the August 9, 2016 is a prime date ( 2016 08 09 is prime )

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There is an open Question: Are there infinite prime dates? Proof it or disprove it and post your result to the esoteric site of your choice. Related infos on youtube: Last Digit of Prime Numbers

Solved: 1231 + n * 10000 is a prime date and an arithmetic progression. Due to the threorem of Dirichlet it will contain an infinite amount of primes.

Want to know how Dr. Sheldon Cooper sees prime numbers:Sheldon Cooper synaesthesia